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Top of the mount ARARAT in spring
Mustafa Tekin



Mustafa Tekin was born in Erzurum in 1979.


Erzurum is located in North East Turkey, the most important city of East Anatolia. Palandöken is the biggest ski resort of the country and the city hosted the University Olympic Winter Games in 2011.


He is a professional mountain guide. In 2000 he was certified by the Turkish Mountaineering Federation and in 2011 by the International Ski Mountaineering Federation.


He is also mountaineering instructor certified in 1998 by the Turkish Mountaineering Federation.


He has been a member of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation Rescue Team since 1998.


In 2006 he graduated in Tourism and Hotel Administration at Atatürk University and in 2009 in Business Administration at Anadolu University.



He has climbed every major summit in Turkey, including more than 100 ascents of Mount Ararat.


Mustafa and his friend and partner Yıldırım Beyazıt Öztürk hold the record for the fastest ascent of Mount Ararat: in 8 hours 11 minutes from 2000m to 5137m.


In the race organized by the Turkish Mountain Federation, he was ski champion of Turkey in 2009 with Yıldırım.


He has lots of experience in other outdoor sports including: hiking, parachuting, mountain bikes, rock climbing, rafting, kayak.


Due to this passion for sport and for his region, he created DADAK in 1992. DADAK’s vision (Outdoor Sport of East Anatolia Association) is to develop outdoor sport in East Anatolia for the inhabitants of the region.


During all the year he organizes outdoors events where he trains the new generation.



Mustafa and Yıldırım are also the co-owners of a mountain and outdoor sports shop: AlpinOutdoor in Erzurum.


Mustafa and Yildrim are the founders of AlpinTurkey the most experienced ski touring company organizing ski and trekking tours everywhere in Turkey; especially on Mount Ararat, Mount Kaçkar, Mount Tauros, Mount Süphan, Mount Munzur and also Mount Damavand in Iran.



He speaks English and is very experienced and flexible in organizing tours. His joy is very contagious. He will always find solutions to your questions.

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